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AGR Insurance Broker – Gatineau

About AGR Insurance Broker

Here are a few suggestions that will help reduce your car insurance rates:

Drive cautiously

For insurance your driving record remains a determining factor that will influence your rates for three years. Accidents remain on your record for six years. Drivers with fewer accidents and who show cautious driving can expect to receive lower insurance rates.

Drive a lower risk vehicule

Some models of vehicule are more popular with thieves, have higher repair costs, or are more frequently involved in accidents. Before buying a new car, check the cost of insurance; it might affect your choice.

New driver? Driver’s education course

New drivers who completed a driver’s ed course within the last three years pay a lower rate.

Source : AGR Insurance Broker Online

Address540B, boulevard de l'Hôpital, bureau 300 Gatineau (Québec) J8V 3T2
Telephone (819) 243-0242
Fax (819) 243-6232

This insurance broker is listed in: Gatineau