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AWIN Insurance Brokers – Edmonton


About AWIN Insurance Brokers

We are pretty much regular people, with regular homes, families and interests, living in ordinary communities around the country. We usually wear golf shirts and casual clothes and put our pants on one leg at a time, just like you do. We don’t know much about high fashion or fancy living, but we do know a lot about insurance.

We can and do provide insurance to all those so-called rocket surgeons and brain scientists out there!!! We can also handle all other types of insurance, such as professional (Errors and Omissions) and Association (Directors and Officers) liability, sports injury, or long-haul trucking and fleets. We can provide coverage for off-shore drilling rigs, spacecraft of any nature, and all the perils involved with kidnap, ransom or other foreign and or overseas operations. Don Walker, President of our Specialty-Lines division can place the most unusual of commercial risks through the best insurers anywhere in the world at the most competitive of rates.

While we can be all things to all businesses, that is not all that we do. We also focus on the insurance products that are of the most importance to you and your family – your home, auto, tenants, RV, condo, small commercial and farm insurance.

In our spare time, we design specialized commercial or personal group programs. We can arrange a home and auto insurance and health benefits options for employee based groups. We have also designed unique programs for other groups, such as financial institutions and political parties, as well as trades or business groups and associations.

Whether you are seeking coverage for your home or auto, if you are a contractor or some form of sub trade, or anything else in between, we will make sure you are looked after properly, with the best coverage and premiums available to us.

Mostly, we simply work very hard to make sure all our clients receive efficient, professional and personalized service in whatever type of insurance they have with us. Just some of our insurance products are:

Home, Condo, Tenants
Commercial Auto & Property
Large Trucks (semis, etc.)
Sand & Gravel
Commercial Buildings
Hotels & Pubs
Martial Arts
Fitness Clubs
Pubs & Clubs
Directors & Officers (Association Liability)
Errors & Omissions (Professional Liability)
Classic Automobiles
Travel Medical
Full Mortgage Options
Employee Benefits
Life & Disability Insurance

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Address5373 - 75 Street NW Edmonton, AB T6E 0W4
Telephone (587)773-9500
Fax (780)701-5300

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