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Horizon Insurance Broker – Winnipeg

About Horizon Insurance Broker

When Louis Leipsic began his career selling insurance, he likely never realized that he was actually sowing the seeds of Manitoba’s largest and most distinguished privately owned insurance brokerages. After all, that was over one hundred years ago — and while he was a visionary, that would have required some actual clairvoyance on his part.

If you needed indoor light back in 1904, chances are you got it from either a candle or a kerosene lamp. If you needed insurance back in 1904, chances are you got it from one of our founding partners. Some things change over time, some things don’t. To help you keep track, here’s a handy timeline.

Source : Horizon Insurance Broker Online

AddressA 16-360 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 3Z8
Telephone 204-985-8424

This insurance broker is listed in: Winnipeg

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