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Jones Deslauriers Insurance Broker – Brampton

About Jones Deslauriers Insurance Broker

Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management Inc. offers only the best commercial insurance, personal insurance, and risk management experience to each of our valued clients.

The JDIMI Risk Advisory Team have developed the 360° Audit, an inclusive audit of your insurance and risk management strategies,to help you lower your insurance premiums by reducing your Total Cost of Risk (TCOR). After all, a safer company less prone to risk is much more attractive to the insurance marketplace. Learn moreabout the benefits of obtaining and maintaining 360° coverage.

JDIMI is the broker of choice for quality conscious insurance buyers who appreciate thoroughly planned, cost effective strategies to risk management, to help them make smart insurance decisions and enhance their opportunities.

Our brokerage can offer you a unique blend of strengths & the diversity, knowledge base and service offering of alarger company, combined with the flexibility and personalized approach of a smaller company. It’s a best of both worlds experience that you will only find with Jones DesLauriers Insurance Management Inc.

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Address1B Conestoga Dr. Ste. 200
Brampton, ON L6Z 4N5
Telephone (905) 840-0064

This insurance broker is listed in: Brampton

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