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Promutuel Insurance Broker – Drummondville

About Promutuel Insurance Broker

For more than 150 years, Promutuel has provided a broad range of property insurance products that meet the real needs of Quebeckers. In 1988, Promutuel added financial security products to its line-up. Promutuel’s insured-members and clients today have access to high quality products and unparalleled service. The drive to make sure members are adequately protected and to provide them with personalized expertise grew out of the mutual insurance movement in the early 19th century.

Source : Promutuel Insurance Broker Online

Address1500 boulevard Lemire
Drummondville (Québec) J2C 5A4
Telephone 819 477-8844
Fax 819 477-3341

This insurance broker is listed in: Drummondville

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