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Rozon Insurance Broker – Cornwall


About Rozon Insurance Broker

Rozon Insurance Brokers first began in 1968 after the late Lloyd Rozon purchased MacCallum Insurance Brokers of Martintown. Over the years it has grown from a one-man operation to a business that employs over 35 local people.

Lloyd and his wife Wendy first opened the business in the kitchen of their home on the Kraft Road in Williamstown. After five years, they outgrew their space and moved the operation to the basement of a larger home on Johnson Road, just north of Williamstown.

In 1986, after once again needing more space, they built and moved to their present location on Main Street in Lancaster.

Today the business is run by Lloyd and Wendy’s son Todd. His work ethic and commitment to the business comes from his parents and watching them as he grew up. His goal is to provide the same high standards of service and professional insurance expertise as they did. Rozon Insurance has clients all over Ontario, but their main customer base is in the eastern part of the province.

Source : Rozon Insurance Broker Online

Address136 Second Street East
Cornwall, Ontario K6H 1Y4
Telephone (613) 933-1284
Fax (613) 347-7593

This insurance broker is listed in: Cornwall

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