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Winnipeg Insurance Broker – Winnipeg

About Winnipeg Insurance Broker

Winnipeg Insurance Brokers offers varying levels of homeowners protection. Regardless of which homeowners insurance fits your specific needs, our options are among the best in the city. We take pride in our high quality, competitively priced policies which provide the coverage you and your family need.

We also offer a variety of coverage’s, brokered through different insurance companies, furnishing you with a choice of options such as:

  • Jewellry and furs covered up to specific limit automatically.
  • Sewer backup (purchased at an additional cost).
  • In home business insurance packages available.
  • Comprehensive personal liability.
  • Inflation protection coverage.
  • Watercraft and equipment covered up to a specific limit automatically.
  • Smoke damage from your fireplace.
  • Property of a student living away from home.
  • Replacement cost on building and contents.
  • Credit card coverage, forgery, counterfeit. money and fund transfer cards to a specific limit.
  • There are many more options automatically covered by your policy.

All insurance companies do not offer the same coverage’s and options. Contact Winnipeg Insurance Brokers Limited for more details.

Source : Winnipeg Insurance Broker Online

Address5E-1700 Waverley Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5V7
Telephone (204) 269-0125
Fax (204) 269-0215

This insurance broker is listed in: Winnipeg

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