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Allan Insurance Broker – Havelock


About Allan Insurance Broker

Our mission is to be the best in the business by providing superior strategies, service and solutions to protect your future…people are our business.

Originally established in 1903 by Peter Ewing, Allen Insurance Group started in a tiny office inside the Town Hall in the village of Warkworth, Ontario, with the vision of serving the insurance needs of the South-Central farming communities. As the village grew, so did the brokerage and in 1928, Grant Allen joined the team and wrote, what was at that time, the first and only auto policy for the brokerage (there was only one car in the village).

Source : Allan Insurance Broker Online

Address48 Ottawa Street, Unit #1 Havelock, ON KOL 1ZO
Telephone 705-778-3338
Fax 705-778-2091

This insurance broker is listed in: Havelock