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Anchor Insurance Broker – Toronto


About Anchor Insurance Broker

Anchor Insurance Brokers Ltd. was formed in 1970 when two agents James McDonnell and William Thompson formed a partnership. Both had worked out of their homes and wanted an office and secretary. Thompson wanted to get involved in boat insurance, hence the name of Anchor Insurance. After a couple of years, the partnership was not going well and McDonnell bought Thompson’s shares in a shot gun agreement that had been written on the back of a paper napkin. Mr. McDonnell effectively ran and grew the brokerage including a couple of small acquisitions until his retirement 20 years later. In 1990, Robert Lawson purchased the company from James McDonnell.

Since 1990, the company has grown expeditiously. This growth has been achieved through in house sales, producer sales and the acquisitions of other brokerages. The major acquisitions have been John Taylor Insurance (1993), McTaggart Insurance (1995), Doug Holyday Insurance (1999) and Dorling-Freeman Insurance (2002).

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Address926 The East Mall Toronto, Ontario, M9B 6K1
Telephone 416-236-2429
Fax 416-236-0911

This insurance broker is listed in: Toronto