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Bell Davidson Insurance Broker – Calgary

About Bell Davidson Insurance Broker


Bell Davidson Insurance Brokers is a specialized brokerage firm focusing on construction bonding, contractors’ insurance, energy sector insurance, high tech manufacturing and related risks insurance coverage.

Collectively, as shareholders and key employees, we have drawn our expertise from the senior underwriting ranks of Canada’s primary insurance and bonding companies. Taking this broad base of knowledge garnered from years of underwriting, we use it as brokers to guide our clients through the myriad of products in the marketplace today. As such, we are committed to the growth management and support of our clients.

Our objective, as broker-underwriters, is to match your business’ exposures with the most suitable and cost-effective insurance and surety products offered.

For more information on the various products you may require, we invite you to explore our website.

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Address101, 708 - 11th Avenue S.W Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2R 0E4
Telephone (403) 228-5888
Fax (403) 228.6682

This insurance broker is listed in: Calgary