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Bencharski Insurance Broker – Calgary

About Bencharski Insurance Broker


Bencharski Insurance is a small, independent company where personal service and long-term relationships are more than just catch phrases.

We like to get to know our clients, have a little fun in our work and do our best every time. We see every new client as someone we still want to be working with years from now – and that’s usually what happens.

We’re not big fans of automated answering systems – and you won’t get one when you phone Bencharski. No, you’ll speak to a real person and get genuine assistance.

In fact, unlike other companies, we don’t allocate our clients to one particular agent, because we believe that when you call with a query, you should be able to get information and advice from anyone – right now. That’s why there are no direct lines leading to the voicemail blackhole.

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Address3475-26 Avenue Northeast Calgary, Alberta T1Y 6L4
Telephone (403)250-3121
Fax (403)250-9919

This insurance broker is listed in: Calgary