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BKI Insurance Broker – Calgary

About BKI Insurance Broker


BKI was incorporated in 1981 by Brian Kane under the name Brian Kane Insurance. Brian Kane was the founder and began his insurance career with a Multi-National insurance brokerage. Brian’s vision of customer service differed somewhat in that Brian wanted to be interactive with his clients. We are pleased to say that many of the clients Brian started with are still clients’ of BKI today. Brian always enjoyed “grass roots” challenge. How can you successfully grow with a client while still maintaining service? This was a challenge that has continually spurred the thinking of the new BKI management team and has evolved us into what we are today.

Today BKI is a full service Risk Management and Insurance Advisor. We are highly focused on Commercial Property, Liability, Personal Insurance/Group Products, Benefits and Life Products for the Niches in which we service. At BKI we are growing and will continue to grow, but we will not lose our focus to service our clients’ needs as we feel this is important whether you are small firm or a large corporation. Being a specialty insurance brokerage we do not focus on just insurance, we focus on our clients’ business and what will make them better. We have many global abilities and risk placement strategies including not just insurance, but administration of self-insurance strategies. Our intelligent and highly interactive service focus makes it difficult for other brokerages to compete.

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Address6815 - 8 Street NE, Suite 120, Calgary Alberta T2E 7H7.
Telephone (403) 276-8766
Fax (403) 230-0248

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