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Brister Insurance Broker – Cornwall

About Brister Insurance Broker

The Brister Group is a group of companies under common ownership that markets insurance products of all kinds. The companies include:

  • Brister Group
  • Brister Life Insurance Ltd.
  • Bruyere Insurance Brokers
  • Bush-Armstrong Insurance Brokers Ltd.
  • Cassidy Chevrier & Associates
  • Patterson Hadden Limited
  • Summers Insurance Brokers Inc.

All owners are local residents and are active in the business.
We employ 60 local residents.

The Brister Group roots go back to 1926 as an insurance brokerage and in more recent years have grown to be one of the largest and most diverse insurance organizations in Ontario.

We operate offices in Morrisburg, Prescott, Winchester, Crysler, Embrum, and Chesterville Ontario in order to serve a broad base of clients in Ontario.

The companies we represent have been carefully chosen to suit your needs

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AddressMorrisburg Shopping Ctr, Morrisburg, ON K0C 1X0
Telephone (613) 543-3731 ?
Fax (613) 543-4359

This insurance broker is listed in: Cornwall