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CanEquity Insurance Broker – Calgary


About CanEquity Insurance Broker

The Canadian Equity Group Inc. (CEG) maintains a close relationship with its clients, its mortgage lending network of more than 100 lenders in Canada and its insurance providers to locate and develop the best financial solutions for all Canadians. The relationship CEG has built with major lenders, insurance companies and investment bodies in Canada has enabled them to develop new, innovative products for the Canadian consumer market.

As a national company, CEG has the privilege of making these products available across the country. CEG takes great pride in knowing that they are capable of beneficially influencing the mortgage and financial industry in Canada, ensuring that more products and services are available in the future, dynamically suited to the current needs of their clients.

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Address1612 Centre Street NE Calgary, AB T2E 2R9
Telephone 1-888-818-4262
Fax 1-888-312-4262

This insurance broker is listed in: Calgary