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Groupe D’Onofrio Insurance Broker – Montreal

About Groupe D’Onofrio Insurance Broker

For two generations, the financial services firm Groupe D’Onofrio has offered Montrealers of various ages and cultures the personalized financial services that best answer their needs.

The client comes first!

Our secret? Simple. We put you first.

  • We create an environment that caters to your linguistic preference. This is why D’Onofrio team includes members who speak Greek, Chinese or Italian.
  • We place tremendous importance on a stable relationship between you and your representative. Over time, your representative develops an awareness of your situation that will help him or her offer you the products and services that best match the evolution of your unique situation.
  • We maintain both strictly professional conduct and a relaxed work atmosphere so that you can feel comfortable with us.

Whether we are assessing your needs, explaining suggested coverage, offering you solutions tailored to meet your needs or providing financial planning services, we make sure Groupe D’Onofrio‘s services will both meet your expectations and live up to our reputation for excellence.

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Address3750 Cremazie Est, suite 500 Montreal, Québec H2A 1B6
Telephone (514) 328 2555

This insurance broker is listed in: Montreal