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JLT Insurance Broker – Calgary

About JLT Insurance Broker


Jardine Lloyd Thompson‘s professionals identify, evaluate and manage the risks of organizations. The methodology employed is proven and straight forward. The expertise JLT has developed in specific fields over the years gives the company a unique advantage in mitigating risk. The advantage is knowledge.

Never in history has there been a greater need to manage risk.

Environmental concerns and the liability of Directors and Officers as well as Professionals has dramatically increased over the past decade. The trend line for these exposures continues to rise.

Many companies are ill-prepared, leaving critical areas of vulnerability exposed. JLT specializes in providing preparedness and peace of mind. These are rare and valuable commodities in today’s business environment.

Rather than simply placing insurance, JLT consults with clients to identify and quantify risks. Using a refined analytical approach, problem areas are identified. Through reduction and avoidance techniques such as training and risk control, JLT attempts to eliminate or mitigate the risks.

The process determines what magnitude of risk can be absorbed by the client and what should be transferred to insurers.

Where there is a transferred risk element, JLT designs specific coverage through suitable insurance products. Alternative risk financing vehicles such as pools, reciprocals and captives are recommended where appropriate.

Finally, in the event that a risk does become reality, JLT’s clients know that their claims will be managed in an efficient, expedient and trouble-free manner.

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AddressSuite 400,220 - 12th Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2R 0E9
Telephone 403 264 8600
Fax 403 264 8608

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