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Josslin Insurance Broker – Kitchener

About Josslin Insurance Broker

Where does tradition begin? Is it a curious notion that proves difficult to isolate or can it be traced to a single event? A turning point that creates a groundswell of energy and momentum. For a small insurance company founded in New Hamburg in1880, that crucial turning point occurred in1953.

In 1953, J.B Josslin, decided to leave a successful career with one of Canada’s largest insurers to get back to what mattered most to him. For J.B., the insurance business needed to be about more than just protection. It had to be about connection as well – Connection with people. And specifically to the people of his home community in Southern Ontario. Connection on an individual and personal level to provide them with the security and peace of mind to help them prepare for a future full of challenges and possibilities. J.B.’s relentless passion for representing his clients’ best interests was matched by his thirst for industry expertise.

A winning combination that earned him a stellar reputation as a hands-on community advocate and insurance expert. He was the perfect person to take over the reins of what was then known as Hatter Insurance and in 1953, began the dedication to Protection and Connection that have become the hallmarks of the company we know today as Josslin Insurance Brokers.

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Address1082 Weber Street East, Kitchener, ON N2A 1B7
Telephone (519) 893-7008

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