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LP Insurance Broker – Mississauga


About LP Insurance Broker

During their careers as Life Insurance Agents with Great West Life, Larry Ledoux, Pat Lew and Noel Patterson developed a friendship. Along with that friendship came a common desire to be able to provide their clients with more than just life insurance. After much deliberation, courses were taken, exams written, licenses obtained, and office space found. And on April 1, 1969, Ledoux, Lew & Patterson Insurance Brokers Limited was officially incorporated.

The firm has certainly changed over the years; Larry left us in the early 1970’s, at which time Sam Hisey graciously took over his role. Then in 1992 the reigns were passed on to 3 new partners, Steve Hisey, Ernest Fung and Dwight Hickson. All of these gentlemen had been working as brokers in the firm for a number of years and were pleased to take on the challenge.

With new management come new ideas, and the growth spurt started again. More brokers joined in and additional personnel were added. As we have always had a strong client base in the east end of Toronto, in 2000 we expanded our operations by purchasing Masa Fan Insurance Broker. Then in 2002 Leeside Insurance Services was added to our fold.

Now 36 years later, we have 35 employees and 2 locations, and are proud to be serving over 5000 customers. It just goes to show that you never know what can come out of a friendship.

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Address202-115 Matheson Blvd. West, Mississauga, Ontario, L5R 3L1
Telephone 905-890-1877
Fax 905-890-4543

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